C'mon, Y'all: Is This How You'd Act if You Met Tami Taylor?

Color me crazy, y'all, but one of my coping tactics for when I get really stressed out is to imagine Friday Night Lights' star guidance counselor Tami Taylor talking me off the ledge. There's something about her tough love and abundant use of the word "hon" that's about as calming as a cup of camomile tea. » 5/23/13 7:15pm 5/23/13 7:15pm

Tami Taylor Confirms That Women of Friday Night Lights Would Hate Mitt Romney

Connie Britton, who Friday Night Lights fans will know forever and ever and ever as Tami Taylor, has caught wind of the gross co-opting of the phrase "Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose." by Mitt Romney's kleptomarketing squadron. And she's got some strong words for Romney: the women of Dillon, Texas would find Mr.… » 10/29/12 11:35am 10/29/12 11:35am