It's Time You See This Footage of an Extremely Young Ryan Gosling Belting Out Some Tunes

Here is an exceedingly tiny Ryan Gosling performing with great enthusiasm at a Mormon talent show in 1991. He is also joined by his sister Mandi. Why were they performing for Mormons? Shhhh, we can't even deal with that right now because what we really need to talk about is the fact that this video takes our souls… »6/18/12 9:00pm6/18/12 9:00pm

The Strange Talents and Obscure Fears of This Year's Miss America Contestants

Last night's Miss America pageant assembled some of the most esoterically talented women in the country on a single stage to dance ballet, sing opera, and try very hard not to blink under the blinding scrutiny of Kris Jenner. Though 52 of them have by this time today already sunk deep into the morass of ignominious… »1/15/12 5:00pm1/15/12 5:00pm