The Taiwanese Rendering of Last Night's Filibuster Is Perfectly Insane

If you've been waiting patiently to see how Taiwanese animators would handle Wendy Davis' filibuster, your patience is about to be rewarded. Not only have animators depicted Senator Davis as Superwoman, but they've also inexplicably added hydraulic low-riders, electrocutions, ghosts and a t-rex to the already… »6/26/13 6:50pm6/26/13 6:50pm


'Do You Prefer Bald or Bushy?' The Pubic Hair Debate, in Insane Taiwanese Animation

We all have different preferences for how we maintain our pubic hair. Some like to wax, some like to trim, some like to leave it au naturel, but, regardless of what we choose, all of us — ALL OF US — can come together on one thing: We want to see our story (or, at the very least, the story of our pubes) acted out by… »8/17/12 11:20am8/17/12 11:20am

Taiwanese Animators Tackle Plastic Surgery Parties

In the latest from Next Media Animation, Britain's Sarah Burge — aka the "Human Barbie" — is shown injecting her 15-year-old daughter with botox. Apparently, Burge has been moonlighting as a party-planner for a plastic surgery clinic who throws — what else — plastic surgery parties. We're imagining pinatas filled… »6/08/11 5:05pm6/08/11 5:05pm