The Taco or Beer Challenge Raised Nearly $30,000 to Fund Abortions

This past August was a dark time. The Ice Bucket Challenge was inescapable, our Facebook feeds and Twitter streams clogged with people loudly dumping cold water over their heads to raise money for ALS. The cause was good, but the execution was... a little tiresome, after the 10,000th video. But we're pretty big fans… »11/11/14 3:10pm11/11/14 3:10pm


"Fat" Beauty Queen And Runner-Up Both Enter Miss Texas Race

Domonique Ramirez, the Miss San Antonio winner stripped of her crown for — depending on who you ask — either being impolite or eating too many tacos, will compete for the title of Miss Texas. In a compromise, so will her runner-up Ashley Dixon, who received the Miss San Antonio title by default during Taco-gate. As… »6/14/11 10:50am6/14/11 10:50am