Every Celebrity Ever Is in Weird Al's New Pharrell Parody 'Tacky'

If I have to hear "Happy" one more time, I am going to actively defenestrate someone. It's been played at every wedding I've been to this summer and I've heard it done as a jazz cover (nice) and then also once as a rock thing? (weird). But now Weird Al has done a parody of the song and I must grudgingly admit that… » 7/14/14 8:30pm 7/14/14 8:30pm

This Cheese Plate Is Classiest Souvenir At the 9/11 Memorial Museum

The 9/11 Memorial Museum is commemorating one of the darkest days in our nation's history in the best way it can: With a commemorative cheese plate that will remind you of your freedom every time you it down to a delicious slice of Brie or a sliver of Gruyere. » 5/24/14 12:46pm 5/24/14 12:46pm

The God-Awful Clothing This Political Season Hath Wrought

Tomorrow, South Carolinians will get to cast their votes for who they think should be America's Next Top Millionaire. But just because all eyes are on The Palmetto State doesn't mean that non-Carolinians should feel left out of the political process! Here's some of the boldest, tackiest, and WTF-iest political wear to… » 1/20/12 5:00pm 1/20/12 5:00pm

Naked Butlers Will Add Much-Needed Awkward Nudity to Your Next Social…

A South Florida service offers the perfect accessory to complete your evening of shrieking and blowing penis-shaped whistles at strangers- naked butlers. » 7/31/11 12:30pm 7/31/11 12:30pm