In News of Election Cycle Freak-Outs, Girl Who Was Allegedly Ridiculed by a Teacher for Wearing a Romney/Ryan Shirt Will Transfer

Election cycles can create some pretty tense exchanges between the opposing fans of our two-party political football games, so we shouldn't be all that surprised to learn that a recent Mitt Romney t-shirt kerfuffle at Philadelphia high school has culminated in an allegedly snarky teacher being investigated by the… »10/10/12 9:15pm10/10/12 9:15pm

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass the story of a teen who decided to test the political tolerance
Chicago Tribune »11/14/08 9:20am11/14/08 9:20am columnist John Kass the story of a teen who decided to test the political tolerance at her school in the liberal Chicago suburb. In exchange for extra credit, the girl recorded the comments she received when she wore a shirt with "McCain Girl" written on it one day and a tee with "Obama Girl" written…

Woman Denied Entry For 'Lesbian' T-Shirt • High School Bans Cheerleader Uniforms On Campus

A woman in California who was wearing a t-shirt with the words " »8/26/08 5:30pm8/26/08 5:30pm" was told that she could by a (privately hired) security guard who said the shirt was "offensive." • A Seattle-area grandmother found herself trouble when she to vote to demonstrate how easy it is to commit voter fraud. The charges against…

2nd-Grader Suspended For Anti-'N' Word T-Shirt • Lesbian Barred From Seeing Dying Partner

A second-grader in NY was suspended after she wore a shirt with the slogan: "N the 'N' Word" and "It's time!" because the principal felt the shirt was "overly inflammatory." • Apparently there is a disease out there called "uncombable hair syndrome" which is basically the human version of Barbie hair. • Loss of chub… »6/26/08 5:00pm6/26/08 5:00pm