9 Really Weird Christmas Ornaments From Bronner's

Even though Fall doesn't officially begin until next week, the Christmas catalogs have already begun to arrive. While I get that Christmas trees aren't necessarily "Christian" — they can be a fun way to celebrate the otherwise cold and dark winter season with light and color — there are some extremely odd ornaments… »9/16/08 2:00pm9/16/08 2:00pm

Rush Limbaugh Knows Men Cheat Because Women Talk Too Much, Give Too Few Blow Jobs

Metaphorically speaking, like John Edwards and Rush Limbaugh before me, I have trouble keeping it in my pants, but Spencer »8/13/08 10:00am8/13/08 10:00am swears he's not mad at all. And so today I share myself, intellectually-speaking, with , a and author based in Athens, Georgia who I usually talk to electronically when the moon is up and I am…