Report: Austrian Teen Who Joined ISIS Beaten to Death When She Tried to Escape 

Two Austrian tabloids are claiming that a 17-year-old Viennese girl who ran away last year with a friend to join ISIS was beaten to death by members of the terrorist group. The report hasn’t been confirmed by any official government agency; it’s the latest of several conflicting stories about the girls’ fate over the… »Yesterday 5:20pm11/24/15 5:20pm


Former Children's Doctor Ben Carson Compassionately Compares Refugees to Rabid Dogs

On Thursday, leading GOP presidential candidate and retired pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson compared scared children and parents seeking asylum in the United States to rabid dogs, which is not the kind of compassion I would expect a former pediatric neurosurgeon to have. »Friday 10:00am11/20/15 10:00am

Most of the Suspected Paris Attackers Were European Nationals

As the U.S. panics over the mostly made up threat of Syrian jihadists entering the country as refugees, investigators in Europe have discovered that the majority of men responsible for the horrendous November 13 attacks in Paris were European citizens who had traveled to Syria where they joined the Islamic State (ISIS… »Thursday 11:30am11/19/15 11:30am

America's Shittiest States Begin Formally Barring Syrian Refugees [UPDATED]

Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama and Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas have both released statements claiming that their shitty states will not welcome Syrian refugees following the mid-November ISIS attacks on Paris, France. (Neither governor noted similar concern over the similar terrorist attacks in Beirut.) »11/16/15 2:10pm11/16/15 2:10pm

French Investigators Focus on Syrian Passport Holder Who Passed Through Greece  

As French investigators continue to identify the seven dead terrorists who are responsible for last night’s attack, The Guardian (and other news agencies) confirmed that a Syrian passport “belonging to a man born in 1970, and an Egyptian passport had been found lying close by the bodies of two other jihadis.” »11/14/15 1:30pm11/14/15 1:30pm

Daring Rescue of 18-Month-Old Syrian Refugee Caught On Film

An 18-month-old baby boy is alive today thanks to the efforts of several brave Turkish fishermen who rescued over 15 Syrian refugees after their boat capsized off the coast of Kusadasi, Turkey. The miraculous rescue of the child was captured on video and is now going viral. And, as CNN points out, it’s a “lift” to a… »10/26/15 1:35pm10/26/15 1:35pm

“Lynn Isler, a stay-at-home mother...created a short-lived Facebook page that warned of the “perfect

“Lynn Isler, a stay-at-home mother...created a short-lived Facebook page that warned of the “perfect storm that the Syrian refugees will bring.” She has also warned that Communists had infiltrated some elements of the Christian Evangelical movement that supports refugee resettlement.” Please read this insane story… »9/26/15 2:00pm9/26/15 2:00pm

How ISIS Uses Rape and Sexual Slavery as a Recruiting Tool and a Business

Horrifying reports continue to pile up about the ways in which the Islamic State is using the rape and sexual slavery of Yazidi women as a tool of war. A new report in the New York Times makes it clear that it’s also become an attractive recruiting tool, a draw for men from conservative Muslim societies where casual… »8/13/15 9:55am8/13/15 9:55am

U.N. Official: ISIS is 'Institutionalizing Sexual Violence'

Zainab Bangura, a U.N. special representative, recently concluded a tour of refugee camps that house refugees largely from Syria and Iraq - countries where the Islamic State hold a large amount of territory. The Washington Post reports that she recounted the stories of sexual violence, rape and abuse to Middle East… »5/24/15 12:15pm5/24/15 12:15pm