Police Use Waiter's DNA to Connect Him to a Loogie in a Customer's Cup

A waiter at a Chili’s near Syracuse, New York was charged with disorderly conduct last year after hocking what sounds like a fairly enormous loogie into a customer’s drink. The Syracuse Post-Standard reports that the crime of spittery was pinned on the waiter using DNA matching. Great news for spit justice, less great… »6/04/15 8:00pm6/04/15 8:00pm


Syracuse Coach Accused Of Molestation; Chancellor Promises Investigation

In a scandal reminiscent of Penn State, two men have come forward to accuse Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine of molesting them when they were children. The university has responded swiftly, putting Fine on leave and sending an email to all students. But head coach Jim Boeheim says the… »11/18/11 9:30am11/18/11 9:30am