Synchronized Swimming Is a Lot Scarier Up Close

It's probably pretty hard to worry about not making a maniacal crazy face when you're trying simultaneously not to drown and to remember a lot of complicated choreography. All that waterproof makeup and relentless smiling (not to mention the nose plugs) can make for some pretty scary facial expressions, so hopefully… » 8/14/12 11:15pm 8/14/12 11:15pm

Delusional Bachelor Jake Pavelka Gets Booted From Yet Another Reality…

Finally, that storyline between Vienna, Kasey, and Jake Pavelka is over: after doing everything in his power to maintain his residency at the Bachelor Pad, the other contestants voted him out. That's not to say that Jake didn't put up a good fight — and he would know how to, considering this is his fourth reality… » 8/23/11 5:15pm 8/23/11 5:15pm

Swimmers Swoon Simultaneously; Brady Bunches Are Bad For Offspring

PR firm survey finds that people trust average-looking, well-mannered men the most. • Dorky shoes grow with kids' feet. • Three synchronized swimmers faint simultaneously while in pool practicing. • Testosterone for women will not increase sex drive. • Stereotypes can lead to success! Or, uh, failure. • Everyone can… » 4/22/08 5:40pm 4/22/08 5:40pm