Martha Stewart Has Her Own Drone and She Fucking Loves It

Martha Stewart got a drone for her birthday last year ("in Maine," she notes, Martha Stewart-ishly) and it turns out she just can't get enough droning. In a TIME op-ed titled "Why I Love My Drone," she explains why: Because it makes it way easier to craft a marzipan Peter Rabbit cake that's an exact replica of her… » 7/29/14 8:00pm 7/29/14 8:00pm

How Do You Top Sharknado? I Have Some Ideas!

YO, SyFy! Up top! Big week for you guys! I think we can all agree that Sharknado was a massive hit—I mean, I don't know if anyone actually watched it, but that chainsaw gif was ace, and we all had a lovely time riffing on Twitter. But what do you do next? How do you top Sharknado and Ice Spiders and Mongolian Death… » 7/12/13 8:00pm 7/12/13 8:00pm