Doctor: Silly Woman Should Have Known I Switched Her Baby

The story of the two 12-year-old girls who recently discovered they were switched at birth has sparked a huge controversy in Russia over "birth houses." People are complaining that they handle too many patients and women are treated brusquely, occasionally leading to similar mix ups. Anya and Irina's families each … »11/03/11 9:30am11/03/11 9:30am

12-Year-Old Girls Learn They Were Switched At Birth

When Yuliya Belyaeva got divorced earlier this year, her ex-husband refused to pay child support because he insisted their 12-year-old daughter Irina looked nothing like him. A paternity test revealed that he isn't related to the girl — and neither is Yuliya. Irina was switched at birth with another baby in the… »10/12/11 12:10pm10/12/11 12:10pm