Lady Gaga's Tour Rider Includes 'A Mannequin with Puffy Pink Pubic Hair'

GOD, I love reading famous people's tour riders. It's the fucking best. I don't begrudge them any of it—go nuts, stars!—but it's just so satisfying to peer into people's weird obsessions and/or whims and/or determination to fuck with their assistants. A legal document detailing Lady Gaga's demands was leaked this week »2/08/13 8:00pm2/08/13 8:00pm

Diablo Cody Calls Out Hollywood: 'Women Have Not Had Their Say'

Sure, we're always saying Hollywood Has Run Out Of Ideas. But that's because the studios keep churning out hot messes like Battleship, Smufs and Candyland, in addition to revisiting old stuff like Tron and The Lone Ranger. (Did you know they're remaking Scarface?) But, as Diablo Cody tells The Hollywood Reporter,… »1/31/13 5:40pm1/31/13 5:40pm

Young Adult Novels Plumb New Depths Of Product Placement

About a year ago, I was desperate to review Dial L For Loser from the New York Times best-selling tween book series The Clique. I thought the title was hilarious and I wanted to see what sort of written culture the kiddies are consuming these days. Within the first ten pages, there were mentions of Ella Moss, Neiman… »2/20/08 3:00pm2/20/08 3:00pm