Artificial Sweeteners Are Turning You Into a Fatty Fat McFat

Today in Everything You Like is Bad For You: non-sugar sweeteners, conventionally thought to curb sugar cravings by satiating sweet teeth without packing as many calories as the white stuff, are actually responsible for making you crave sugar more. » 9/25/13 7:20pm 9/25/13 7:20pm

Cats (and Dolphins) Have No Sweet Tooth

What does a cat have in common with a bottlenose dolphin? Aside from being cute and having a plot to take over the world, the answer is: a total inability to taste sweets. Scientists have known for years that cats and their wild feline friends lions and tigers have lost the sweet receptors on their scratchy tongues,… » 3/12/12 5:10pm 3/12/12 5:10pm