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Best Comment of the Day, in response to Sweeney Todd Johnny Depp Is About To Cut A Bitch: "I'm not gay but I'd let him tape my weiner to to his weiner. We could use our 'super weiner' to have sex and solve crime." We say: it's a bird! It's a plane! It's super weiner! • Worst, in response to If You Can't Afford… » 1/30/08 4:50pm 1/30/08 4:50pm

Helena Bonham Carter Really Likes Her Personal Space

The Sweeney Todd press machine may have petered out in the US, but it is going strong in the UK, where the film has yet to be released. And today's Guardian features an entertaining interview with Sweeney star Helena Bonham Carter, who is quick to point out that her personal relationship with the film's director, Tim… » 1/07/08 5:30pm 1/07/08 5:30pm