Sweat Til Your Underpants Are Wet: Take an Exercise Class With Richard Simmons

If you live in Los Angeles, did you know that you can take an exercise class from the 64-year-old pixie stick who's had a livelong love affair with movement? Yes, it's true, and I know this because, well, look at the link I just posted, and also, a few years ago two of my best friends went without me and I haven't… » 11/28/12 9:30am 11/28/12 9:30am

Drop The Needle On The Record And Drop A Few Pounds!

Oh, to live in simpler times. Like March of 1922! That's when, according to DietBlog, a man named Wallace announced that a "scientific secret of weight regulation" had been discovered. The amazing discovery? "Food does not cause fat." OMG awesome! Wallace's weight-loss method? "Get thin to music, and Nature will make… » 7/26/07 1:46pm 7/26/07 1:46pm