The Worldwide Campaign To Knit Sweaters For Penguins

Skeinz, a yarn store in New Zealand, is calling on knitters throughout the world to knit sweaters for the penguins affected by a massive oil spill that occurred earlier this month. The tiny sweaters, while eliciting aww's and squee's, serve a very important function: they prevent the oil-soaked birds from poisoning… »10/20/11 12:40pm10/20/11 12:40pm

Bill Cosby's Unwanted Eighties Sweaters Are Actually Fashionable

So, Bill Cosby's sweaters, which he's attempting to auction for an educational charity in his late son Ennis Cosby's name, have apparently failed to elicit any bids on eBay. (Granted, the asking start is five grand. And it's June.) I guess it'd be easy to make a joke at the sweaters' expense - they are indeed… »6/04/08 4:30pm6/04/08 4:30pm