Fat Studies In The UK Author Takes On Susie Orbach

"It's basically a diet book that pretends not to be a diet book." — Corinna Tomrley, on Fat Is A Feminist Issue [Obesity Timebomb, via The F-Word] » 7/10/09 6:20pm 7/10/09 6:20pm

Crash Diets More Effective Than Thought, But Still Unpleasant

A new study reported in the Times of London says "sensible" crash diets may work better, even in the long term, than "slower" ones. » 6/08/09 11:00am 6/08/09 11:00am

Study Says Good Body Image Is Bad For You; Susie Orbach Disagrees

In a study that raises more questions than it answers, researchers found that a majority of women felt they were at their ideal size. But therapist Susie Orbach says we're still too critical of ourselves. » 5/11/09 4:00pm 5/11/09 4:00pm

Susie Orbach To Stephen Colbert: "There's All Sorts Of Problems About…

Last night, feminist psychoanalyst and author Susie Orbach went on The Colbert Report to promote her new book Bodies and, of course, to be (jokingly) insulted by Colbert. » 4/15/09 12:30pm 4/15/09 12:30pm

"The Place We Live": Susie Orbach Talks About Bodies

Psychoanalyst Susie Orbach is giving a whole slew of interviews to promote her new book Bodies. She makes some valid points — and some strange ones — about the relationship between capitalism, pop culture, and the body. » 3/12/09 1:30pm 3/12/09 1:30pm

We Need A War On "Beauty Terror," Says Therapist/Author Susie Orbach

Feminist therapist Susie Orbach says our society is in the grip of a unique "beauty terror" — we've become so obsessed with perfecting our bodies that we're making ourselves sick. But is this really new? » 2/11/09 2:40pm 2/11/09 2:40pm