Komen Surprisingly Rejects Funding from Pornhub's 'Save the Boobies' Campaign

Well, that was quick. Susan G. Komen For the Cure® has stated in no uncertain terms that it has no use for any money that Pornhub.com's October Save the Boobies! campaign was raising. The organization has also demanded that the porn site stop using the Komen name, stop it at once before poor Nancy Brinker catches the… »10/04/12 7:00pm10/04/12 7:00pm


Rick Santorum, Health Expert, Touts Made Up Link Between Breast Cancer and Abortions

Sweatervest militia extremist Rick Santorum has a message for America: Susan G. Komen for the Cure should not be providing any sort of support to Planned Parenthood, because abortion causes breast cancer. Good grief. Does he also think that eating orange M&M's will kick his tits up a cup size? Or that stepping on a… »2/06/12 4:30pm2/06/12 4:30pm

Mayor Bloomberg to Donate $250K to Planned Parenthood Because of Komen Jackassery

Irritated by Susan G. Komen For The Cure's anti-choice pandering and anti-truth lying, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that he stands with Planned Parenthood— by donating $250,000 to the organization. If my tally's correct, that means that since the Komen announcement and with Bloomberg's donation,… »2/02/12 4:15pm2/02/12 4:15pm

Susan G. Komen Foundation Begins Backpedaling for the Cure

When Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced that they'd no longer be providing support to Planned Parenthood, many of its supporters smelled a right wing political agenda at work and took to the group's Facebook page to express their disappointment. After working tirelessly to delete negative comments from the page for… »2/01/12 12:20pm2/01/12 12:20pm