The Modern Man Dislikes Cheating, Gossip, And Genital Exams

AskMen has, in fact, asked men, and their "Great Male Survey 2010" determines that guys envy Italians, dislike having doctors touch their balls — and, as a whole, are actually pretty nice. » 7/21/10 4:06pm 7/21/10 4:06pm

Women Wear Makeup To The Gym And Dress Like It's A Fashion Show, Says…

According to a UK study inexplicably commissioned by a "female car insurance company," women are more likely to enjoy exercise if they bring along a friend. Obvious, right? But then it gets weird. » 6/10/10 4:40pm 6/10/10 4:40pm

1/3 Of Brits Report Injuries During Sex

Ouch! According to a survey of 1,000 adults taken by the somewhat shady-sounding "," at least "one third of Britons have suffered an ache or strain either before, during or after sex," including carpet burns and back pains. [DailyMail] » 5/08/10 5:40pm 5/08/10 5:40pm

Shopping Is The New Porn Addiction?

The Daily Mail has a story today about how some women think about shopping more than they think about sex, which left us a bit flabbergasted. In a survey of almost 800 British women, three-quarters of them thinking about shopping every minute. Half of them said they preferred shopping to even spending time with their… » 6/11/08 4:45pm 6/11/08 4:45pm

Dear Jezebel Readers: Who Are You People, Anyway?

It's our first-ever survey-slash-prize post! The advertising overlords at Gawker Media are imploring us to ask you, dear readers, to take a quick demographic survey so we can, like, figure out who the fuck you are. (As curious as we are? We'll share the results of the survey later this week). Anyway, we've got just… » 6/18/07 12:32pm 6/18/07 12:32pm