Today's a Lucky Day to Get Married in China; A Crappy Day to Do It Anywhere Else

In Mandarin, the words for "January 4th, 2013" are pronounced a lot like the phrase "I will love you all my life," and so, logically, that means that January 4th is a lucky day to get married in China, kind of like how March 4th of every year is a lucky day to join the Army or leave your spouse in the middle of the… »1/04/13 1:15pm1/04/13 1:15pm

Puma Figures Out Whether Superstitious Sports Fans Have More Love for Their Team or Their Wives and Girlfriends

In a seeming effort to figure out just how depraved and pathetic sports fans truly are, Puma commissioned researchers at Bristol University to figure out whether fans of soccer team Newcastle United care more about their team or their wives/girlfriends. The study didn't bother with female subjects because, as everyone… »8/15/12 12:00pm8/15/12 12:00pm