Mitt Romney Pulls Off Wins in Michigan and Arizona, Rains on Santorum's Parade

Mittens Romney, ftw! He handily defeated Santorum in tonight's Arizona primary, and Michigan has now been called in his favor too—though it remains possible that he'll win the popular vote there but not the delegate vote. They allocate their delegates on a proportional basis, and the count is still being listed as too… »2/28/12 10:35pm2/28/12 10:35pm

Chelsea Campaigns For Mom Via Phone Calls To The View

Today on The View, the gals talked about yesterday's Super Tuesday insanity and the fact that three of them were recipients of personal phone calls from Chelsea Clinton herself, who'd heard that they were on the fence about who to vote for. But why did Chelsea call Sherri Shepherd? Is she a registered Democrat? (She's… »2/06/08 12:30pm2/06/08 12:30pm

How About We Settle This Over Rock, Paper, Scissors Already?

Perhaps, dear readers, you're wondering why no one on cable news seems to be telling you what the result of last night's 92 "Super Tuesday" primaries actually mean. BECAUSE THEY MEAN NOTHING. Hillary Clinton won the jackpot states, but Obama won more delegates — maybe. Oh yeah, and McCain won everything, so let's be… »2/06/08 10:00am2/06/08 10:00am

Mike Gravel: The Candidate You Didn't Know You Wanted (And Probably Didn't Vote For)

Did you vote yet? Are you a Democrat bemoaning the departure of Edwards, Kucinich, Richardson, et. al. or are you conflicted about Obama vs. Hillary? Take heart: Mike Gravel is still in the race! (In states where it isn't hugely expensive to get on the primary ballot, that is). Gravel is experienced: he has been a… »2/05/08 12:00pm2/05/08 12:00pm