Female Mega-Donors Are Starting to Make It Rain This Election Cycle

A reproductive rights super-PAC called Women Vote! is seeing a boost in donations from a group that's generally underrepresented in the great vote-purchasing telethon that is the American democratic process: women. Thanks to the emphasis certain politicians have placed on reproductive rights this election cycle,… »9/26/12 10:25pm9/26/12 10:25pm


Awful New SuperPAC Warns Against Gay Marriage, Not Maintaining a Secure Grainary

Feast your sleep-streaked eyes on this garbage-mold ad from the Campaign for American Values SuperPAC, which should tell you just about everything you need to know about this 30-second peekaboo with organized bigotry. However, perhaps the most disturbing thing about this ad isn't its message, which has become the… »9/04/12 11:15pm9/04/12 11:15pm

Rick Santorum Declares Self President of His Own Wet Blanket Club

On Monday, ex Presidential candidate Rick Santorum tantalized his Twitter followers with news that soon, he be making a "big announcement." What could it possibly be? Was Rick gay? Pregnant? About to inform America that his entire political career has been part of the most elaborate dissertation on how extremists can… »6/08/12 1:00pm6/08/12 1:00pm