The Super Bowl Ads Most Loathed by the Ladies

Women watch the Super Bowl, and also buy shit. Unfortunately, ad agencies don't seem to have gotten this message, if yesterday's outing was any indication — and it is, given that the Super Bowl is when brands and agencies trot out their most treasured pitches. But some efforts missed the mark most spectacularly. Let's… » 2/06/12 1:35pm 2/06/12 1:35pm

Will Your City Be Airing Randall Terry's Gross Fetus Ad During the Super Bowl?

Operation Rescue's Talking Sphincter-in-Charge Randall Terry is running for President as a Democrat, and he's using federal election law to force TV stations to air his graphic bloody fetus campaign ads during the Super Bowl. Will his propaganda be encouraging you to barf up your nachos on a TV near you this Sunday?… » 1/31/12 7:45pm 1/31/12 7:45pm