NFL Demands $16.6 Million Over M.I.A.'s Super Bowl Middle Finger

Today, in "are you fucking kidding me," the NFL has demanded an additional $15.1 million from M.I.A. in restitution for briefly raising her middle finger during the Super Bowl halftime show two years ago. This brings the entire arbitration claim against her to $16.6 million. » 3/18/14 12:20pm 3/18/14 12:20pm

Seattle Is Suddenly a City of Winners

The Seattle I grew up in is not the type of city that wins Super Bowls. I mean that literally (it has never happened before), but also figuratively. Our last great success, grunge, was essentially the monetization of marginalization, of being a miserable white loser. Microsoft is a bunch of nerds proving their worth… » 2/03/14 6:00pm 2/03/14 6:00pm

GoldieBlox's Super Bowl Ad Is Charming, Inspiring and Groundbreaking

This one features girls rampaging through the streets with their dollhouses, pink washing machines, and other stereotypical girl toys and then affixing them to a pink rocket, which they then launch into space to the Quiet Riot-esque tune, "Come On Get Your Toys." » 2/03/14 11:20am 2/03/14 11:20am

JC Penney's Drunk Super Bowl Tweet Stunt Was All About 'Narrative'

Last night, JC Penney confounded everyone who follows mid-priced retailers online with a series of tweets that seemed like they were coming from a rambling drunk person. But just like The Village, there's a terrible, totally predictable plot twist that will make you roll your eyes and wish you gone for a nice walk… » 2/03/14 9:40am 2/03/14 9:40am

Brooklyn Decker’s ‘Girly Guide to the Super Bowl’ Is a Headache

To be absolutely honest, the mouth-sounds "Brooklyn Decker" seem like they should be the name of a Brooklyn-inspired sandwich with, like, four pounds of corned beef and eight slices of rye. They are instead the name of actress and former model Brooklyn Decker, a human woman with very shiny hair and an impressive series… » 2/02/14 4:15pm 2/02/14 4:15pm