Rick Santorum Makes the Bizarre Promise to Never Speak the Name of Any Former President

In honor of today being Super Tuesday—the moment very few of us have been waiting for—here is a particularly ridiculous Rick Santorum quote. Yesterday at a campaign event, Rick said he was sick and tired of President Obama blaming gas prices on previous administrations. Santorum's solution to this kind of… »3/06/12 10:00am3/06/12 10:00am

Ferris Bueller Is Back and Has Something to Sell Us

Whoa. Blast from the past. Ferris Bueller is back from wherever movie characters live once the movie is over, and he's got something he wants us to buy. This mysterious ten-second teaser for a Super Bowl ad has just surfaced, showing Matthew Broderick playing a 40-something Ferris—a sight which is as unnerving as it… »1/27/12 10:00am1/27/12 10:00am

Finishing School: So You Don't Look Like A Jerk Around Rich People

Finishing school, once the realm of the tiny daughters of steel magnates training for a future in rich housewifery, is now a different animal. While finishing-school grads can still walk like non-water buffalos and clap after the opera in a way that doesn't cause mass monocle-poppings, the reason for mastering the… »10/21/11 1:40pm10/21/11 1:40pm