The FDA Is Limiting Your Access to the World's Best Sunscreen

Ah, Europe. Not only does it get the fancy old castles, the Eurovision competition and Louis Garrel, but now it has the world's best sunscreen, too. Just how good is this white gold? So good that Americans are eschewing U.S. brands like Coppertone (that chubby naked baby couldn't rule forever) and instead having… » 5/28/13 11:20am 5/28/13 11:20am

Oh Crap, Those Fancy Gel Manicures Might Be Bad for You

You know those Shellac and GelColor manicures that everyone is getting? The ones that don't chip for weeks and look all shiny? Yeah, well, they might give you cancer. Of course, the air you're breathing is probably also giving you cancer. So should you freak out about this or continue your gel manicure habit? Depends. » 3/06/12 10:40am 3/06/12 10:40am

After 33 Years, FDA Finally Dives Into The Sunscreen Thing

From women's magazines to graduation-themed novelty songs, we're constantly advised to wear sunscreen — yet exactly what type we should buy has always been a bit confusing. In 1978, the government decided it should regulate sunscreens — but the FDA only got around to issuing new rules yesterday. » 6/15/11 12:40pm 6/15/11 12:40pm