Sunday Sign-Off: Happy Birthday, Kathy Kinney

Everyone remembers Kathy in her incredible role as Drew Carey's ' nemesis' on 'The Drew Carey Show,' but did you know she got her first big break on Bob Newhart's show? I found this clip of Kathy with the Second Greatest Human Being On Earth, RuPaul, and PATTI FREAKING LABELLE is in it, too! » 11/03/13 6:32pm 11/03/13 6:32pm

Sunday Sign-Off: Blow Out The Candles, Elizabeth Banks

Today, Elizabeth Banks turns 39, and we temporarily forgive her for this terrible, reductive-sounding CBS pilot. Not just because of her birthday, but because she's going to be in Secretary director Steven Shainberg's next fetish/love flick The Big Shoe. And also because she's adorable singing with Reggie Watts, above. » 2/10/13 6:30pm 2/10/13 6:30pm