Summer's Eve Pulls Racist Talking Vagina Ads

Summer's Eve has decided to take down their new talking vagina ads after a huge backlash that included a thorough mocking on the Colbert Report. However, PR executive Stacie Barnett told Adweek that the company remains committed to what she describes as a mission to educate women about their anatomy and challenge… » 7/28/11 9:30am 7/28/11 9:30am

Summer's Eve Puts The Pussy On A Pedestal

Every now and then, you come across something that forces you to challenge your own convictions. To reassess your opinions and rethink your ideals. The new Summer's Eve commercial is that thing. This clip should be a winner: It hails the vagina as the "cradle of life" and the "center of civilization," something men… » 7/18/11 7:00pm 7/18/11 7:00pm