Teen at Summer Camp Allegedly Threatened Campers With Vial of Acid

Summer camp is supposed to be a time for fun activities like painting rocks, weaving shitty macrame, and feigning accidentally falling into a large body of water with your clothes on (I know you were faking it!). For the optimal experience, summer camp should probably not include acid of any type at all, not even the… »6/14/14 3:05pm6/14/14 3:05pm

Parents Dropping a Grand for Someone to Pack Their Kids for Camp

The tiny cottage industries that spring up around the very wealthy never cease to amaze. Today's for-instance: Apparently New York parents are now paying out the ass for professionals to pack their kids' bags for summer camp. Because a bathing suit, a tube of Banana Boat and some Harry Potter books just don't cut it… »5/23/14 10:00am5/23/14 10:00am

10-Year-Old Kid Writes Adorable Instructions on How to Be Cool at Camp

Summer camp is supposed to be a fun respite from the stresses of the school year, but let's be honest: navigating the social structure of the mess hall is not all that different from figuring out where to sit in the cafeteria. That's why a tipster once devised this guide to "How to be Cool in Camp" before taking off… »8/20/12 1:20pm8/20/12 1:20pm