Jessica Pearson Is Why You Should Be Watching Suits 

You're probably not watching USA's Suits. Not because it's not an entertaining, smart show—but do you really have time for another legal drama in your life, and one on USA at that? I began watching Suits when it debuted in 2011 because I watch a lot of television and I'll give almost anything a chance. I stayed for… » 1/28/15 7:45pm 1/28/15 7:45pm

Suited Up: Interview Uniforms Are 'Back'

So here's a Pyrrhic victory, kids: if you're pounding the pavement for a job, at least there's one less thing to worry about: according to today's Times » 11/13/08 5:20pm 11/13/08 5:20pm, the interview suit is "back."Whereas for years we've been in a dress-code limbo forcing us to balance "professional" with "creative" with "young" with "mature" now -…