Cops Ticketing a Manspreading Subway Rider End Up Catching a Murderer

Early in the morning on October 28, transit officers on an A train at Columbus Circle in Manhattan were about to write 43-year-old Gregory White a ticket for the disorderly-conduct offense of taking up more than one subway seat. When they went to run his name through the system, they discovered that White was wanted… »10/30/15 1:15pm10/30/15 1:15pm

Internal Subway Review Finds "Serious" Complaint Against Jared Fogle

In a statement Friday, Subway said that it had received a “serious” complaint about company spokesman Jared Fogle, who agreed last month to plead guilty to allegations that he paid for sex with underage girls and had received child pornography, but that the complaint did not imply criminal sexual activity. »9/12/15 11:35am9/12/15 11:35am

Watch a Very Smug Circa 2008 Jared Fogle Explain That Pedophiles Who Get Caught Are Idiots

There’s nothing worse than a smug asshole who thinks they’re getting away with something. Jared Fogle, who is only now getting his comeuppance for heinous crimes involving children, is no exception. The former Subway spokesperson and “Child Porn & Chill” enthusiast may be going to jail now, but in 2008, he was on top… »9/04/15 5:10pm9/04/15 5:10pm

Subway Removes 'Jared Pants Dance' Game From Site

Speaking of sandwiches, in wake of the recent Jared Fogle scandal, Subway has removed a strange video game that had been featured on the kids division of their website. The game was called “Jared’s Pants Dance” which allowed players to catch sandwiches and other menu items with a cartoon version of Fogle’s iconic… »8/19/15 10:15pm8/19/15 10:15pm

Report: Subway Jared Claimed He Paid For Sex With a Teenager

Business Insider has acquired an affidavit containing text messages apparently sent between former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle and a former female subway franchisee. In them, Fogle reportedly asks her to advertise herself for sex on Craigslist and claims he paid for sex with a 16-year-old girl. »8/01/15 12:00pm8/01/15 12:00pm

Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle, whose house was raided by the authorities in connection with a chil

Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle, whose house was raided by the authorities in connection with a child pornography case on Tuesday morning, has suspended his business relationship with the Milford, Connecticut-based sandwich chain. »7/07/15 6:00pm7/07/15 6:00pm