New 'Get Laid Haircut' Fixes Everything Wrong With You

Ladies: things are wrong. Things are wrong with me, and they're wrong with you. Other (perfect) people don't have things wrong, but we do, you and me. And if we fix the things that are wrong by purchasing products and services, the wrongness will sort of drift away and we'll garner the admiration we so crave — or at… »10/17/13 11:25am10/17/13 11:25am


Rachel Zoe Denies Involvement In The "Size Zero" Controversy On The Today Show

Stylist Rachel Zoe, who is probably better known to the general public for being thin and running around with starlets than her achievements in the illustrious, artistic field of celebrity styling, popped on over to the Today »9/09/08 11:30am9/09/08 11:30am show this morning to promote her new horribly-named reality series, , which premieres…