Teen Retailer Shills Jeggings With Racy Topless, Ass-Wiggling Ads

Supré is a family-owned and operated clothing company founded in 1984, with stores in Australia and New Zealand. Similar to what Americans can find at Forever 21 (though perhaps not quite as inexpensive), Supré shoppers are offered tees, knitwear, jackets, cardigans, party dresses, accessories… and, now, jeggings.… » 6/06/11 3:02pm 6/06/11 3:02pm

Some Celebrity "Designers" Just Knock Off Clothes From Their Closets

The news that O.G. socialite-turned-HSN costume jewelry designer Iris Apfel's creations are less than original should — to anyone who pays attention to the celebrity clothing line industrial complex — be less than surprising. The story here is that Apfel, whose taste in jewelry is deservedly famous, was approached to… » 5/20/11 3:10pm 5/20/11 3:10pm

The Many, Myriad Sizes In Your Emotionally Manipulative Closet

Trying on clothes recently, I found that the sizes of the garments varied. Widely. One shirt was a Large; another an XL, another an XXL. Pants ranged from 14 to 16 to 18 to 20. An informal poll of coworkers revealed that we all have a minimum of three different sizes in our wardrobes. What the hell? » 3/08/11 12:00pm 3/08/11 12:00pm