Fall Hues and Defiant Baby Blues at the British Fashion Awards 

The annual British Fashion Awards took place last night at London’s Coliseum, and it was a flurry of pursed lips, restrained ensembles, and fawning praise for the British fashion “family,” which I am imagining as the kind of family that doesn’t like to give hugs and makes everyone figure out their own dinner. »Tuesday 12:00pm11/24/15 12:00pm


Every Look from the 2015 American Music Awards Red Carpet

Blessed be, it’s rolling into nonstop red carpet season, and Los Angeles is simply brimming with your faves crossing their legs demurely in front of the appropriate step and repeat. The AMAs tend to be a little looser than your average Grammy/Oscar/Tony extravaganza, although the chic sheaths are already in full… »11/22/15 8:00pm11/22/15 8:00pm

Sparkly, Silvery Glitz and Solidarity at the 16th Annual Latin Grammys

Thursday night’s Latin Grammy Awards show was incredibly lit—Will Smith performed with Bomba Estéreo, J Balvin and Farruko performed with Major Lazer and Mø, though no one was as en fuego as Banda el Recodo, who collaborated with Wisin. The red carpet was just as excellent, with attendees flossing their sparkliest… »11/20/15 2:00pm11/20/15 2:00pm

Euros and Americans Get Fresh on the MTV EMAs Red Carpet

Sunday night marked MTV’s Europe Music Awards, held in Milan and featuring many famous musicians and a few I had to Google. (I do not know how I lived this long without knowing the identity of Stash Fiordispino.) As is typical with pop music awards shows, some attendees went all in, some went all out (too out), and… »10/26/15 4:55pm10/26/15 4:55pm

An Interview with Empire Stylist Paolo Nieddu On Evolving the Lyon Family Wardrobe

Empire’s debut season frequently featured its star player Cookie Lyon in furs, mammal prints and flashy post-prison vintage. Coupled with the other characters and their glitzy music industry gear, the show has become a vehicle for the most exorbitant and sometimes gaudy fashions. »10/22/15 10:30am10/22/15 10:30am

How to Look Beautiful While Running a Marathon

A week and a half ago, as I was packing for Chicago, I noticed that all of my good running clothes are a bright vitamin-piss yellow. My new shoes are that color. My lucky tank top is that color. My favorite socks are that color. Bright vitamin piss-yellow is not flattering on my complexion, and it never will be. My… »10/20/15 1:30pm10/20/15 1:30pm

NYFW: Andrea Jiapei Li's Cool-Girl Utopian Army

Last season, Andrea Jiapei Li debuted the now-classic (in my heart) “cozy ghost” look during her spot on V-Files’ show, featuring the best rubbery oversized pullover sweatshirt tent. For Spring 2016, themed “Just Kids,” the New York designer sheared down the material and showed superhuman downtown droid chicas,… »9/11/15 5:50pm9/11/15 5:50pm

NYFW: How Much Do You Hate This Pink-on-Pink Rosie Assoulin Look?

Here is a look from Rosie Assoulin’s Spring 2016 collection, held today in a drained Manhattan swimming pool. It is pink on pink on pink, and so fucking ugly that I absolutely love it in its Chilli from TLC status; my colleague, Ellie Shechet, disagrees. “I literally hate that so much,” she typed at me in the private… »9/11/15 3:30pm9/11/15 3:30pm

ModCloth Plans Expansion, May Even Launch A Bridal Collection

ModCloth, the spunky, vintage-inspired retailer for Zooey Deschanel devotees, has until recently only been accessible online. But the July opening of their first brick-and-mortar store in San Francisco signaled the company’s plans for expansion: more physical stores, athletic wear, even a bridal collection. »8/31/15 10:15pm8/31/15 10:15pm

Happy 10th Anniversary to Jessica Simpson's Fashion Line!

Wow, time goes by really fast, doesn’t it? It was a decade ago that Jessica Simpson, American cultural icon, first launched her namesake clothing line, enabling us all to wear slightly platformed peep-toe pumps in varying shades of patent, and to stand tall among giants. »8/19/15 11:00am8/19/15 11:00am

Everyone Tried to Out-Model Each Other at the Paper Towns LA Premiere

Paper Towns is a new magical-teen-love movie based on the book by Fault in Our Stars author John Green, likely to be a summer hit. It also stars supermodel Cara Delevingne—it’s expected to launch her film career, actually—so the LA premiere over the weekend featured several models, modeling. »7/21/15 11:00am7/21/15 11:00am

Christian Audigier, the Genius Behind the Dreaded Ed Hardy, Has Died

Christian Audigier, the man who in the mid-2000s dressed an astonishing number of people in fake tattoo-and-rhinestone t-shirts, died this week in Los Angeles at the age of 57, reports LATF. In January, he had been diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome, also referred to as “bone marrow failure disorder.” He leaves a… »7/10/15 10:45am7/10/15 10:45am