Coca-Cola Knows Your Lady Hands Are Weak and in Need of a Man

Have you ever had a really hard time opening a bottle of Coke and some guy helped you out and then you two got married?! Ha, such a classic meet-cute. (It happened to me last week, but we're divorced now that I'm no longer thirsty for a Coke.) » 5/07/13 10:25am 5/07/13 10:25am

Bigot's Protest Burning of 'Gay Cereal' Fails Really Hard

This misguided and, let's be honest, hapless gentleman thinks that a good way to protest General Mills' support of same-sex marriage is to burn a perfectly good box of Honey Nut Cheerios. It's quite possible that the box is empty, since there isn't a person, bigoted or otherwise, who would just torch Honey Nut… » 8/06/12 11:15pm 8/06/12 11:15pm

The Five Stupidest Articles in Fox News Magazine

Did you know that Fox News has a magazine? For the ladies? It's called Fox News Magazine, and it's an online magazine full of magazine articles from the people that brought you Fox News! But in a magazine! Do you like reading PARADE but think it's just a little too risque? Are you befuddled by normal everyday tasks,… » 6/21/12 5:20pm 6/21/12 5:20pm

Trending Topic #AbortionClinicPlaylist Has Something Terrible for…

This morning, another charming Twitter trending topic climbed forth from the butthole of culture and began to senselessly gnaw on the face of human decency. #AbortionClinicPlaylist gives regular ol' non comedians a chance to show that they're not afraid to really go there on the internet by providing a forum for… » 5/30/12 10:25am 5/30/12 10:25am

Sugar Is Making Us Stupid

As we all know, everything delicious is terrible for you. That is especially true of sweets, which are so tasty but also can cause nasty things like diabetes. Still, most of us are able to convince ourselves that eating sugar probably won't kill us. Sure, but you know what will happen if we keep stuffing our faces… » 5/16/12 12:20pm 5/16/12 12:20pm

Unbelievably Stupid Law Would Declare Single Parenthood Child Abuse

Wisconsin, that land of beer, cheese, and Aaron Rodgers jerseys, has had a tough couple of years, government-wise. First, they elected a bunch of, from what I can tell, taxidermied badgers holding guns to state legislature. To make matters worse, their governor seems to be an evil yet gloppy Koch puppet. And now, one… » 3/01/12 7:15pm 3/01/12 7:15pm

GoDaddy Goes After Lucrative Idiot Demographic With New Naked Lady Ad

Before internet domain hosting service GoDaddy was famous for backing the SOPA bill and pissing off the whole internet, the company was known for airing inscrutable but irritatingly sexist ads. So what's the damaged brand doing to win back some of its ex customers? Making an even more inscrutable, even stupider ad,… » 1/24/12 5:15pm 1/24/12 5:15pm

New Meme Helpfully Points Out Ways in Which You Are Awful

Have you ever wanted to meet a man who will someday probably try to light his ex wife's car on fire? Have you ever wondered where all the nice guys went, the ones who pretend to be your friend until you break up with your boyfriend and then get mad when you won't suck their dick as payment for their acting like a… » 6/12/11 1:31pm 6/12/11 1:31pm

Ed Schultz Shouldn’t Use the Word ‘Slut’ to Describe Ladies

MSNBC's Ed Schultz had some nasty words for right-wing babbler Laura Ingraham on his radio show yesterday. While Ingraham is certainly an unsavory character, did Schultz really need to resort to calling her a "slut," twice? [Gawker] » 5/25/11 5:21pm 5/25/11 5:21pm

It's Time We All Admit That Ginni Thomas Might Be Stupid

Opinionators are offering a number of explanations for Virginia Thomas's bizarro phone call to Anita Hill: love, innocence, naivete, Ambien. Are we, um, dancing around something here? » 10/21/10 1:57pm 10/21/10 1:57pm

Men Terribly Misguided About Why Women "Withhold Sex"

Can we declare a moratorium on the phrase "withholding sex?" For why this is necessary, look no further than AskMen's four "reasons" women won't get down. » 6/11/10 1:00pm 6/11/10 1:00pm

Christina Hendricks Deemed Fat By Someone Named "Psycho Mike"

A producer for LA radio station KROQ is shocked that his coworkers don't agree that Christina Hendricks "could lose a few pounds." So he's created a handy poll! » 4/21/10 5:40pm 4/21/10 5:40pm

"We're Setting His Hand On Fire Because ... We're Bored"

Dumb new trend: lighting yourself on fire with Axe body spray. Dumber: putting the results on YouTube. Dumbest of all: doing it at school. That's what your friend's basement is for. [Breitbart] » 4/01/10 9:40am 4/01/10 9:40am

Is Wearing Your Baby's Clothes The New "Losing The Baby Weight?"

Recessionistas take note: Mamaista suggests that moms save money on designer Sonia Rykiel separates by wearing clothes from the new baby line, Sonia Rykiel Enfant, instead. It goes all the way up to a girls' size 16! [Mamaista] » 8/11/09 3:20pm 8/11/09 3:20pm