Too Broke to Travel? This Agency Sends Your Stuffed Animals Instead!

If your wallet is a little too light to take that holiday vacation, a new service is offering an inexpensive way to live your travel life vicariously.. through your stuffed animals. Just don't blame them if your toys would rather visit the Cabbage Patch Kids headquarters instead of Las Vegas. »10/23/13 8:59pm10/23/13 8:59pm


'Colorful Hearts' Teddy Bear Recalled For Being Scary As Hell

Warning: Looking too deeply into this bear's eyes could scar you for life. Rather than being a source of comfort, as teddy bears were designed to be, this mess of a toy is the stuff nightmares are made of. Plagued with some kind of hearts-based skin disease (Is this what global warming is doing to all the polar… »12/30/11 6:15pm12/30/11 6:15pm

Boo, The Internet's Most Adorable Dog, Is Now An Adorable Stuffed Animal

Move over, Elmo. There's a new highly-coveted toy in town. What's that? You already did your holiday shopping this year? Tough shit. Gund has just announced a plush version of America's cutest dog. Kids — or, let's be real here, any adult with a soul — are going to go nuts over this thing. In fact, I'm announcing it… »12/01/11 5:10pm12/01/11 5:10pm