Taylor Momsen: Too Big For Her (Designer) Britches?

  • Cute little 14-year-old Taylor Momsen - aka Gossip Girl's "Little J" - launches her modeling career with a rather self-important bang. 'A source from the shoot - in Brooklyn - tells us that "Taylor was so nice and so cool. She took the subway from her apartment in Chelsea to the set, with her mom. They said they…
  • » 8/04/08 11:30am 8/04/08 11:30am

Tom Ford Can Now Beat Off To His Very Own Internet Porn

  • Even skankier images then the ones we showed you from the Tom Ford for Men fragrance campaign go up on his website today. NSFW at all, but whatevs: You know you want to look. [Tom Ford via WWD]
  • Those god-awful crystal-skull printed jeans that had us screaming "Stop the inanity!" at the showing of Damien Hirst's line…
  • » 9/12/07 10:00am 9/12/07 10:00am