GOP Says Hillary Clinton's Too Old, Because That Surely Won’t Backfire

If you needed any further proof that the modern Republican Party is a sarlacc pit where good campaign strategy goes to be slowly digested in the bowels of old white dudes for thousands of years, then this latest bit of age-snarking should probably do the trick: GOP strategists are trying very hard to remind potential… »6/30/13 2:00pm6/30/13 2:00pm

Mitt Romney Too Manly and Important to Know the Difference Between 'Sikhs' and 'Sheikhs'

This weekend, tragedy struck in Wisconsin as a stupid, hateful gunman targeted a Sikh temple just before Sunday services, killing half a dozen people before being shot himself. And in response, Mitt Romney, Presidential candidate, possible future leader of the entire free world, extended his heartfelt condolences to… »8/08/12 1:10pm8/08/12 1:10pm