Rewards for New Fathers: Cool Baby Gear, No Shame About It

As a culture we collectively lament what happens to women when they become mothers: We watch friends, colleagues, and perfectly respectable acquaintances who once had legitimately interesting opinions turn into half-wits who won’t shut up about cloth diapers and choking hazards. But the thing is, this happens to men,… » 6/07/15 12:00pm 6/07/15 12:00pm

Adorable Daredevil Father Has Constructed the World's Fastest Stroller Out of Sheet Metal and Love

Here's an existential question for you to ponder: As a son or daughter of the Road Warrior, would you expect your father to build you a pram that could go 0 to 50 in under 30 seconds? Obviously the answer is, "Yes, unless he didn't really love me or already made me a dog stroller sled and trained a team of ten… » 1/17/13 4:45pm 1/17/13 4:45pm

Comic-Con Bans Strollers Because They Just Completely Spoil the Fragile Illusion

In a bid to ease some of the congestion problems at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego (or save children from a lifetime of having self-righteous scientists disprove the outlandish physics behind the exploits of their favorite superheroes) has banned strollers from its event rooms. Lazy toddlers everywhere lament! » 7/10/12 10:25pm 7/10/12 10:25pm

Judgy Mommies Get Worked Up Over Big Kids In Strollers

At times it seems like having a child just creates a series of opportunities for people to judge you. From what you put in their mouths to what type of diaper you put on their butts, there are endless options and each has vocal critics. Now there's a blog that pokes fun at another one of those choices. » 5/09/11 12:35pm 5/09/11 12:35pm

Do You Love Your Baby Enough To Spend $1500 On A Stroller?

Bugaboo—which became the first and most popular luxury stroller brand, with products up to $1000, after a very fortuitous endorsement from Sex and the City—has responded to the economic downturn which cost the company a 40% nosedive in sales by releasing its most expensive stroller yet, The Bugaboo Donkey, at $1500.… » 4/07/11 6:25pm 4/07/11 6:25pm