Rewards for New Fathers: Cool Baby Gear, No Shame About It

As a culture we collectively lament what happens to women when they become mothers: We watch friends, colleagues, and perfectly respectable acquaintances who once had legitimately interesting opinions turn into half-wits who won’t shut up about cloth diapers and choking hazards. But the thing is, this happens to men,… »6/07/15 12:00pm6/07/15 12:00pm


Adorable Daredevil Father Has Constructed the World's Fastest Stroller Out of Sheet Metal and Love

Here's an existential question for you to ponder: As a son or daughter of the Road Warrior, would you expect your father to build you a pram that could go 0 to 50 in under 30 seconds? Obviously the answer is, "Yes, unless he didn't really love me or already made me a dog stroller sled and trained a team of ten… »1/17/13 4:45pm1/17/13 4:45pm

Comic-Con Bans Strollers Because They Just Completely Spoil the Fragile Illusion

In a bid to ease some of the congestion problems at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego (or save children from a lifetime of having self-righteous scientists disprove the outlandish physics behind the exploits of their favorite superheroes) has banned strollers from its event rooms. Lazy toddlers everywhere lament! »7/10/12 10:25pm7/10/12 10:25pm

Do You Love Your Baby Enough To Spend $1500 On A Stroller?

Bugaboo—which became the first and most popular luxury stroller brand, with products up to $1000, after a very fortuitous endorsement from Sex and the City—has responded to the economic downturn which cost the company a 40% nosedive in sales by releasing its most expensive stroller yet, The Bugaboo Donkey, at $1500.… »4/07/11 6:25pm4/07/11 6:25pm