Supreme Court Rules Constitution Protects Cops' Right to Strip Search Everyone for Any Reason

In a continuing effort to collectively take a dump on America before they all die off, the justices of the US Supreme Court ruled today that police are entirely within their rights to strip search any person arrested for any offense, no matter how minor, even if authorities have no reason to suspect that the arrested… »4/02/12 6:30pm4/02/12 6:30pm

Two More Elderly Women Say TSA Strip Searched Them

Over the weekend, Lenore Zimmerman reported that on a recent flight from Florida back to her home in New York, TSA agents forced her to pull down her pants and underwear. Apparently, airport officials singled out the Florida to New York route for some special holiday harassment this year, because now two more women… »12/05/11 10:20pm12/05/11 10:20pm