Real-Life Ron Burgundy Sneers at Women's Strike in '70s Newscast

On August 26, 1970, more than 20,000 women gathered in New York and across the country for the Women's Strike for Equality, calling for equal rights in the workplace, a repeal of anti-abortion laws, and free childcare. You know, all the things we've since achieved. Wait, what's that? We haven't? Not even the — but how… »11/21/14 5:30pm11/21/14 5:30pm


Looks Like School’s Out for at Least a Few More Days in Chicago

After a week of staring directly into Mayor Rahm Emanuel's soulless, inkwell eyes, the Chicago teachers union has resisted the tempting urge to blink and will wade into the second week of its strike. Schools will stay shuttered come Monday morning after union delegates declined to formally vote on contract settlements… »9/16/12 10:45pm9/16/12 10:45pm

3 Stupid Ways to Talk About the Chicago Teachers Union Strike

Since Monday, 350,000 Chicago kids who normally would be spending their day in classrooms crudely carving pictures of penises onto wooden desks are free to crudely carve penises on wooden things that are not located inside of a school building — their teachers are on strike. Let's take a terribly disappointing slog… »9/14/12 3:20pm9/14/12 3:20pm