Study Suggests Your Fat Pet Is Stress-Eating Because of Your Bullshit

If your formerly jaunty, energetic pet has melted into a fat puddle of loose skin and belly sag, becoming so lumpy and gross that you can’t even bring yourself to touch it anymore, you might want to get over your fat phobia because you’re clearly depriving your pet of physical affection. Then, once you’ve sunk your… »9/22/13 2:30pm9/22/13 2:30pm


A Happy Holiday Guide to Mindless Stress-Eating

Every holiday season, we're hit by a storm of friends, family, food, stress, and dumb trend pieces about how to eat during this festive time. But as hackneyed as those "How To Avoid Getting As Fat As Your Christmas Ham!" articles are, they touch on an issue that doesn't get taken as seriously during the rest of the… »12/24/12 11:30am12/24/12 11:30am