The Sexual Politics of Playing Mas in Brooklyn


With Brooklyn’s spring thaw in full effect, I’m having lots of conversations with my girlfriends about warm weather activities: like long bike rides, picnics in Prospect Park, and, unfortunately, the inevitable uptick in sexualized street harassment. Just last week, I heard myself saying, “I want to be respected in… »4/25/15 3:19pm4/25/15 3:19pm

Watch Artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh Combat Street Harassment in México

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh has traveled all over with "Stop Telling Women to Smile," in which she wheatpastes the streets with portraits of women captioned with anti-harassment messages. In a comprehensive new series spearheaded by Fusion's Anna Holmes (and the founder of this very website), Fazlalizadeh takes her work… »2/09/15 3:40pm2/09/15 3:40pm

What Street Harassment Is Like For Me As A Trans Woman

Being harassed on the street by strange men is something most women are used to dealing with on a near constant basis. Trans women are no exception. It seems just as bad when we "pass," and can be even worse, and definitely different, when we "fail" to "pass." These are my experiences. »11/16/14 11:25pm11/16/14 11:25pm

A Hollaback Response Video: Women of Color on Street Harassment

Last week, the anti-street harassment organization Hollaback released a video featuring a white woman marching through the streets of New York City for ten hours, and being catcalled by mostly black and Latino men. It frames the woman, an actress named Shoshana Roberts, as perpetually harassed and afraid. That video… »11/06/14 2:30pm11/06/14 2:30pm

CNN Guest: Women Wouldn’t Care About Harassment if Catcallers Were Hot

Yesterday CNN's Fredricka Whitfield held a discussion about Hollaback's catcalling video, which has sparked a huge conversation about street harassment. She invited comedian Amanda Seales, and self-described "Bad Boy" author Steven Santagati, author of The Manual, which apparently teaches women about the 'bad boy' in… »11/02/14 6:40pm11/02/14 6:40pm

Rush Limbaugh Watched Street Harassment Video, Saw Men Being Polite

Rush Limbaugh spends many hours each day in a confined space, talking and talking and talking into a microphone, getting a mild buzz off the fumes of his own recycled cigar smoke and stale farts. So it's not surprising, we guess, that after all these years his schtick has become not just crude and dumb, but also… »10/30/14 3:45pm10/30/14 3:45pm

What's Street Harassment Look Like for White Men? Awesome.

What's it like to be a white man walking silently through New York City for 10 hours? Pretty lucrative. Strangers want to network, they tell you you look "powerful" and even gift you free Chipotle burritos! This is what street harassment looks like through the eyes of Funny or Die and I want in, yo. »10/30/14 10:10am10/30/14 10:10am

Watch a Woman Experience 100 Instances of Street Harassment In One Day

When we talk about feminism and sexism, we tend to focus on larger institutional problems like the wage gap and rape legislation. We discuss sexual harassment in the workplace, but less lip service is given to the day to day bullshit women face that over time, can really wear on your spirit. It's the type of… »10/28/14 2:00pm10/28/14 2:00pm

Man Gropes Off-Duty Deputy U.S. Marshal, Gets Kicked in the Dick

19-year-old Robert Flynn of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania thought he was out for a run-of-the-mill sexual assault when he accosted a female jogger by groping her and pulling down her running shorts, but, as it goes, things don't always proceed as planned — especially when the woman you're attacking happens to be a Deputy… »9/05/14 12:50pm9/05/14 12:50pm

Woman Confronts Catcallers and Secretly Films Their Reactions

I've always been curious about the psychology behind street harassment: whenever strange men trundle forth out of the shadows to mutter sexy adjectives at me or whenever they effusively waggle their eyebrows and make kissy noises out of moving vehicles, I wonder, "What is the end game here?" Do they think that I'm… »7/22/14 12:00pm7/22/14 12:00pm