How to Travel Like You're Not Totally Broke

Everyone wants to travel like they’re rich: flying first class, staying in top resorts, dining in the world’s best restaurants, and enjoying the coolest nightlife. But unfortunately, most of us are relegated to middle seats in coach, possibly dodgy hostels, cheap street cart food, and bars riddled with drunk… » 8/07/15 8:00pm 8/07/15 8:00pm

This Jacket Is a Dream Come True and I Need It Now

Traveling—comfortably, anyhow—requires bringing a lot of little stuff. This, in turn, requires a lot of sifting through your bag(s) to access said stuff, which can be exasperating, a little time-consuming, and straight-up frustrating. But via a well-funded Kickstarter project comes a beacon of hope. » 7/17/15 2:05pm 7/17/15 2:05pm

How to Stay Warm on a Cold-Ass Airplane in the Middle of Summer

For the perpetually cold people out there, true misery is being stuck on an airplane, shivering and praying that your toes are still attached to your feet. When you ask an unsympathetic flight attendant if they could adjust the cabin temperature, your speech is slurry—a sign of hypothermia. » 7/01/15 4:20pm 7/01/15 4:20pm

How to Bring Drugs on an Airplane

First, obviously, we’re talking recreational! I assume that if you are trying for a bulk sort of operation, there’s no way in hell you’re getting your tips here anyway, but yes, maybe worth saying regardless: this is for short trips and small amounts only. Maybe you’ve got an occasion on your hands in a remote… » 5/21/15 1:30pm 5/21/15 1:30pm

A Creative Way to Fly With a Small Child

Courtesy of Jezebel’s own Jane Marie comes a solution to traveling with her daughter, Goldie, who refers to this space as “Goldie’s seat.” Before you scold, please note that the flight crew has never said a word about this. So hey, Goldie, you do you. Whatever it takes to keep a kid quiet and content. » 5/14/15 5:30pm 5/14/15 5:30pm

The One Thing You Should Always Pack (Besides Underwear)

Packing for travel requires patiently identifying and organizing the mundane necessities of your occasionally itinerant life. It requires you to gather your humdrum accoutrements and anticipate unforeseen miscalculations. It can be overwhelming, sometimes. It is a total pain in the ass, always. » 4/15/15 9:30am 4/15/15 9:30am

Super Light Packing for the Broke-Ass Traveler 

I studied abroad in college but mostly spent the time traveling, and my finances were overall pretty tight. I regularly found myself having to pack for 14 days with the cheapest EasyJet-approved carry-on bag I could find, and I quickly figured out how to travel light while spending as little as possible. » 4/09/15 5:30pm 4/09/15 5:30pm