Man Caught Fucking His Bike Placed On 3-Year Probation

What trouble won't a bike get you into these days? If you're not falling off one and peeing your pants as you come face to face with the concept of your own mortality —shoutout to ten-year-old me — then you're being put on probation because some prudes caught you fucking your bike in the comfort of your own hostel… »6/03/14 6:00pm6/03/14 6:00pm

Woman Needs Your Help to Take Bicycle On Lavish Honeymoon

These are hard times we're living in: rents are up, wages are down, and we're doing all of our clothes shopping at Walgreens—two sweatshirts for $10, you can't beat that. Some people can't even afford to take their bike on a honeymoon. That's why Lisa Nelson of Pacifica, Ca has started an Indiegogo campaign to fund… »2/27/14 11:00pm2/27/14 11:00pm

Man Develops Delightful Giggling Disorder After Surgery

Huug Bosse had hip surgery three years ago and hasn't been the same since. Specifically, he cannot stop laughing. He's annoying everyone around him, but he doesn't care — everything is amusing to him. Of his wife, who seems highly irritated by his new personality, he says laughingly, "She actually doesn't love me,… »3/16/12 9:30am3/16/12 9:30am