This Cardboard Box Is Your New Home

I just moved from the city that, according to a recent study, boasts the highest rent in the country. And this week, I found myself apartment hunting in my new city, which is the #1 most expensive city to live in overall. I sure know how to pick 'em! » 3/16/12 4:15pm 3/16/12 4:15pm

A Very Scientific Scale of Happiness

What makes us happy? Fox News says it's the little things in life. USA Today says it's dogs. MSNBC says it's not getting married. Forbes says it's working in Miami. Personally, I'm partial to cupcakes and swearing. All in all, when it comes to this very hot pursuit, everybody has an opinion. Not only that, the Harvard… » 2/03/12 5:55pm 2/03/12 5:55pm