Urban Outfitters Hits Back At Indie Designer

Urban Outfitters is denying that it copied Truche designer Stevie Koerner's state-with-a-heart-in-it necklace. The company, which is owned by prominent Republican donor Dick Hayne, points out that many designers have made jewelry that includes a heart and a representation of a geographical place, and that the… » 5/31/11 1:30pm 5/31/11 1:30pm

Miley Cyrus Bashes Urban Outfitters For Knock-Offs And Anti-Gay…

Well, this is unexpected and refreshing! Miley Cyrus got all het up on the Twitter about...Urban Outfitters. "Not only do they steal from artists," she wrote in an update tagged #SHADYASHELL, "but every time you give them money you help finance a campaign against gay equality." Could the singer have been referring to this » 5/27/11 1:15pm 5/27/11 1:15pm

Urban Outfitters Knocks Off Another Indie Designer

Copycat emporium Urban Outfitters has selected its latest victim: Chicago-based jewelry designer Stevie Koerner. Koerner told me she has been making her line of jewelry shaped like countries and U.S. states, with a cut-out heart in each, for two and a half years. She produces her designs in silver and bamboo, and they… » 5/26/11 3:02pm 5/26/11 3:02pm