Colbert: 'Apparently Kid' Is Coming for America's News Professionals

Redheaded five-year-old news prodigy Noah Ritter continued his takeover of the American media last night, getting his very own Colbert Report segment. The theme? This kid is fully qualified to seize any TV journalism gig he wants. "He's already breaking the story of how the super slide is half death-scaring our… »8/07/14 10:40am8/07/14 10:40am

"If You're Old Enough To Vote, You're Old Enough Not To Vote"

As a reminder that states' registration deadlines start expiring on Monday October 6th ( go here »10/02/08 4:40pm10/02/08 4:40pm if you still haven't registered!!), Steven Colbert kicked off his Voter Abstinence campaign last night. It's modeled on sexual abstinence campaigns, and encourages young people (less than half of whom voted in 2004) to…