Men Go to Steve Harvey Show Taping on 'What Men Really Think' That Gets 'Too Rapey'

On Sunday, a group of male Chicago comedians attended the season premiere taping of The Steve Harvey Show in Chicago. These ten men were part of an audience of roughly 2,000 at the Ford Oriental Theatre downtown, who were all there for “What Men Really Think - The Event!” What Men Really Think, according to accounts,… »8/20/15 4:50pm8/20/15 4:50pm

An Introvert In TV Land: Finding My Inner GPS

When a producer from The Steve Harvey Show contacted me after reading a few essays I'd published in The Huffington Post about relationships and dating, and invited me to be on the show, I didn't quite believe it to be true. I'd written "Public Service Announcement for a First Date," "Is My Dating Life Doomed?" and "… »11/14/14 2:43pm11/14/14 2:43pm

Rashida Jones Is Your New Relationship Advice 'Expert'

Rashida Jones and Zosia Mamet are joining Glamour as monthly contributors. While I'm excited — I like Jones and Mamet is fine on Girls — Jones' column will be about relationships. Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive said in a statement that Rashida will be offering a "one-of-a-kind—a smart graphic-novel-style treatment of the… »1/13/14 5:55pm1/13/14 5:55pm

Tyra Banks' Freestyle Rap to Drake Is the Best of the Worst

A long long time ago (all the way back in September! You remember how young and invincible we were back then? I don't, but sometimes a man comes and reads to me about it out of a notebook and it all comes flooding back), Drake went on Ellen and during a discussion of all the ladeeeez he's dated, the former Wheelchair… »11/01/13 4:40pm11/01/13 4:40pm

Today Was a Hugely Disappointing Premiere Day on Daytime Talk TV

It's September which means daytime talk is back! And what a premiere day it was. As children frolicked to school through air that had just a hint of fall's crispness to it, parents turned their television sets on to bask in brand new footage of Women Getting Real. If you were an alien life force who got your first… »9/09/13 8:30pm9/09/13 8:30pm

Jennifer Lopez Pissed About This Truly Hideous Magazine Cover

Despite the claim on this week's People magazine cover, Jennifer Lopez DOES have one regret: Camp J. Lo is intensely unhappy with the cover photo, accompanying an interview with the star that is timed precisely to upstage Mariah Carey's judging stint on American Idol. Unfortunately, the plan backfired, as Lopez… »1/18/13 9:00am1/18/13 9:00am

Steve Harvey Pretends to Be Totally Offended About Text Message Break Ups

This is what happens when a man asks, in front of an audience full of women, if it's OK to break up with a girlfriend via text message. It seems like he's actually a plant so that Steve Harvey can give his monologue. The fakery seems bad for his brand. Why should we "think like a man" if they're so thoughtless? You… »11/02/12 5:20pm11/02/12 5:20pm

Tyra Banks Wants Babies Right Now Before Her Eggs Are Parboiled

Tyra Banks, entrepreneur, self-declared "fivehead" and human being as delightful as she is batshit, denied to Steve Harvey that she was recently romanced by the much-younger Drake as well as her America's Next Top Model co-star Robert Evans. In the process, she unleashed a crazed monologue that invokes Sarah Kane at… »10/17/12 9:00am10/17/12 9:00am

Michelle Obama Dispenses Relationship Advice for Women With Husbands Who Travel a Lot

In the beginning of his show, Steve Harvey answers relationship questions for audience members — after all, he is the author of the bestselling garbagey gobbledy-gook called Think Like A Man. Today, a lady on the show asked how she could keep her husband involved in the family's day-to-day life, since he travels all… »10/03/12 10:00pm10/03/12 10:00pm

How Terrible Dating Advice Can Actually Help Unemployed College Grads

First, the bad news: According to new analysis, 53% of recent college grads are probably going to be either unemployed or underemployed in jobs that have nothing to do with what they studied in college. But, next, the sort of okay news: There's a great resource out there for drifting twentysomethings trying to muddle… »4/24/12 3:45pm4/24/12 3:45pm